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Epoxy dispensing gun 200ml
MORE INFORMATIONS:- works with 200ml cartridge only
0,00 €*
Epoxy dispensing gun 50ml
MORE INFORMATIONS:- works with 50ml cartridge only
50,00 €*
Golf DigiFlex 2.0 Frequency Meter W/ Portable Base Plate
MORE INFORMATIONS: - Constant pressure shaft clamp- State of the art Measurement system is firmware updatable to be future proof- Less than .5 CPM to 30,000 CPM count in 0.01 CPM increments- 16 cycle counts for accuracy- Selectable average from 1 to 5 readings- Built in error detection- Lithium battery for hours of operation- Operational during charging- Can be powered from any standard USB port for charging and operation
1.011,50 €*
Golf Grip Remover Gun W/ 6 Needles
MORE INFORMATIONS:- includes 6 needles and features a new canister with a pressurized pump that prevents rust    building-up in grip solvent. Quick change needles are 16-Gauge.
140,00 €*
Sprayer for Quart Bottle
MORE INFORMATIONS: - Industrial Sprayer for Quart Bottle
5,00 €*